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Unfortunately we have had to postpone this event for 2021. We hope to be running it in the early Summer of 2022 and it will be a unique opportunity to support the Mountain Way and help veterans.

You will undertake a (far-shortened!) march, or 'yomp' on a route within the Dartmoor National Park, led by two Falklands veterans who fought in the war in 1982, one of whom was the point man and leading this extraordinary march into battle.

Learning about the epic march in April 1982, you will hear - first hand - about the war, the battles and personal accounts of this conflict from those who fought.

The day on the moor concludes with a night in a local hotel, dinner and fascinating after-dinner talks and lectures by those who were there.

A unique and engaging day and evening for history buffs, students of military history or those who just want to support us in a very different way!

Dartmoor Falklands Yomp
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