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Our process encompasses four phases:

'Contact' Phase


Contact is made between the PTSD sufferer and The Mountain Way

'Open Door' Phase


Preliminary assistance, visits, discovery - working towards commitment from the sufferer

'The Experience' Phase


A two-week tailored programme held in France or Spain delivered by a mentor.  A variety of techniques are used before the veteran reaches their 'Resolution' point

'Pathway' Phase


The beginning - but never ending - phase of the post-traumatic growth journey.  Closely supervised for the first six months, then routine and regular contact, support and encouragement


Why does our process work?


Andy suffered for 30 years during his process of self-healing - he went the 'Long Way Round'.

He knows what is required of a mentor.


Andy is a veteran. 


He speaks the same language as you.


Away from your normal environment and in a different, beautiful country.  

The right space in which to begin the process.


Concentrated time spent together.  Learning new tools that will assist your recovery.

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