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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) is a terrifying affliction having a devastating effect upon men and women who have served - or are currently serving - in our Armed Forces.

The causes can reach back many decades, or more recently from campaigns waged in Iraq and Afghanistan.  PTSD is the invisible wound of warfare:  it suspends a dark cloud over every aspect of the victim's life; seemingly impossible to escape and too permanent to conquer.  

Military PTSD wrecks the lives of sufferers but also those who are closest to them.  It is the feelings of isolation, guilt, rage, anger, helplessness and despair that often cause this.  Typically compounded by chronic sleep problems, flashbacks and nightmares; returning to normal and regaining their life can seem impossible.

There should be no need for a military mental health charity like ours, but victims often feel that the system - their military family - has disowned them at the end of their service - often signified by way of a diagnosis and formal medical discharge.


The UK's military PTSD challenge is far larger than can be observed:  thousands of hidden battles being fought every day by veterans in dire need of help.  It is a sad reality that in many, many cases the sufferer elects suicide as the only viable solution.

PTSD is the cause of one Military suicide in the UK per week

Please read that again.

What we do

Our mandate is twofold:  to offer UK military PTSD victims a guided path towards healing, but also to raise general awareness of the scale of this huge problem.

We assist these veterans directly through the work of the Charity's founder and Chief Mentor, Andy Shaw.  He delivers a bespoke programme designed for an individual's particular circumstances.

His one-on-one work with the PTSD sufferer is highly personalised and very intensive.  A concentrated programme centred around techniques including mindfulness, guided reflection and meditation enables the victim to begin identifying changes required in his or her life.

The programme offers the opportunity for sufferers to come to terms with what caused their condition, to relegate PTSD to merely a component of their lives (rather than it being the sole driver) and enable them to begin re-establishing a more normal, balanced and positive place in society


Assisting Veterans

A dedicated programme, delivered by a veteran who suffered from PTSD for 30 years.

Unique combination of techniques in a bespoke programme - one-on-one mentoring.

This programme is highly effective and changes lives

Raising Awareness

Lectures, presentations, social media, podcasts and more - to widen awareness of this devastating mental wound and its hidden prevalence within the military community

Building a Community

Join our community to widen awareness.

Help support others in need and play a part in supporting veterans who have given so much.

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